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Change the following into the Passive Voice. Leave out the subject of the action.

  1. They grow wheat here.
  2. The girls water the flowers every day.
  3. They publish this magazine in Moscow.
  4. We do not discuss such questions at our meetings.
  5. Somebody built this castle in the 16th century.
  6. They did not show this film last week.
  7. They will not finish this work tomorrow.
  8. We shall invite him to take part in the concert.
  9. She has locked the door.
  10. Someone has broken my pencil.
  11. I have posted the letter.


Turn the following into the Passive Voice without leaving out the subject of the action.

  1. Popov invented the radio.
  2. My sister teaches me English.
  3. Peter drives the car.
  4. The fascists killed her father.
  5. Mary has lost her key.
  6. Mister Ivanov will meet the delegation.



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