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Времена глагола вызывают определенные трудности в изучении английского языка. В данной сказке я попыталась наглядно показать как образуются утвердительные и отрицательные предложения в Present Simple.


Действующие лица:

Mrs. Pronoun
Mrs. Pronoun'children (little dwarfs):
- I
- You
- He
- She
- It
- We
- They
Mr. Do
letter S - Mr Do's daughter
cat Not

Story-teller:         Once upon a time in a magic land called Grammar land there lived a lady whose name was Mrs. Pronoun.  She had six children, six naughty little dwarfs: I, you, he, she, we, they. ( гномики выбегают под музыку ). They also had a Pussy-cat Not, who never obeyed her masters (Not выходит на сцену). Six little dwarfs never upset their mother. They loved Mrs. Pronoun and did their best to help her. Mrs. Pronoun had a lot of work about the house. She was as busy as a bee. She had to prepare a lot of delicious food for her children, they liked eating. (Гномики исполняют песнюI Like Food см. учебник под ред. И. Н. Верещагиной, О. В. Афанасьевой, IV класс).


So Mrs. Pronoun had to work a lot, and when she came home from work, she usually asked her children:

Mrs. Pronoun: My dear children, what do you usually do while I am away?

We: We invite our friends verbs to play with us.

Mrs. Pronoun: OK, and what do you do?

I: I fly.

You: You cry.

We: We write.

They: They fight.

I: I sleep.

You: You creep.

We: We eat.

They: They meet.

(На сцену к каждому местоимению выбегают  глаголы и выполняют действия, которые называют местоимения).

Mrs. Pronoun: And what about he and she?

He: Oh, mum, we don’t know what to do.

She: The verbs don’t want to play with us.

Mrs. Pronoun: Don’t want to play with you? You are naughty children.

He and She (together): No, we are not.

She: Look what happens to the verbs when they come to play with us.

She – sleep

He – creep

She – fly

He – cry

She – write

He – fight

(Глаголы падают, хватаются за голову и т.д., т.е. показывают, что им больно).

He and She: Mum, help us.

Mrs. Pronoun: I don’ know how to help you.

I: I think we must call the doctor.

(звонит по телефону).

Doctor: Where is the patient?

Dwarfs: Patients.

Doctor: Let me have a look at the sick child.

Dwarfs: Sick children, he and she.

They: Help our brother and sister.

Verbs: And help us.

(Доктор слушает больных)

Doctor: Well, everything is clear. Only Mr. Do and his daughter S can help you.

You: But where can we find them?

Doctor: They live in the thick forest. They are very nice, they will help you.

Story-teller: So, he and she went to the forest to look for Mr. Do and his charming daughter.

Do: I am the verb Do. I’ve got a little daughter S. She is so nice, but, poor thing, she  has nobody to play with.

S: Hello, friends. I am S. I feel awful, I feel bad, I feel lonely, I feel sad. I have nobody to play with. (плачет).

He and She: Oh, who is crying?

S: Who are you?

He: We are he and she.

She: We are looking for the letter S.

S: I am the letter S.

She: Dear S, without you we can’t describe our actions.

He: Come with us and be our friend.

S: I’ll be happy to come with you and be your friend. But I can’t leave my father, Mr. Do, alone. Father, let’s go and help these nice children.

Mr. Do: With pleasure, dear.

Story-teller: So Mr. Do and S went to Mrs. Pronoun’s house.

S: Dear verbs, I’ll help you.

Story-teller: Now he and she had no problems playing with their friends when S was there. He, she and S became such great friends that they did everything together. Little dwarfs even composed a poem.

Dwarfs (по очереди): He gets up at 6 o’clock.

He never wakes up late.

He always gets up early

He never sleeps till eight.

He always drinks his coffee black,

And never uses cream.

He rarely has a sleepless night,

And never has a dream.


She does her breakfast dishes,

Then puts them on the shelf,

Walks around the kitchen,

Speaking to herself.

Story-teller: As you know, Mrs. Pronoun and the little dwarfs had a cat Not. Mr. Do made friends with Not and they never parted. But Not was naughty and never did what Mrs. Pronoun told her to do.

Dwarfs, Mr. Do, Not:  (каждый говорит своё слово) I do not like winter.

We do not want to play with you.

They do not want to fight.

Story-teller: However, when Do and Not played with he or she, Do insisted that S should be near him as Do felt very lonely without his daughter, and besides Do was a very strict father.

Mr. Do, Not, He, She: He does not water the flowers. She does not like school.

(когда гномики, Mr.  Do и Not  говорят предложения в отрицательной форме, Mr. Do и Not должны держать таблички со словами Do (Does) и Not).

Story-teller: Mr. Do was a real gentleman. He liked playing with the children and he fell in love with Mrs. Pronoun.

Mr. Do: Mrs. Pronoun, I love you. Be my wife.

Mrs. Pronoun: Yes, Mr. Do.

Story-teller: So they got married and all the family  decided to go travelling  as they had never been anywhere before.

( можно исполнить песню “Brighton in the Rain”).


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