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Change the words in brackets.

  1. After the train’s (arrive) the platform was crowded.
  2. The doctor (examination) the patient and prescribed some medicine.
  3. Her face looked (terrible) white.
  4. I’d like to (broad) your knowledge.
  5. Chaikovsky is a famous (music).
  6. It’s (use) to talk to her, she won’t listen to me.
  7. (Scotland) people are hospitable and friendly.
  8. My brother is a (luck) man.
  9. I wish you a speedy (recover).
  10. I admire your (strong), John.
  11. As you see I am a heavy (eat).
  12. Nina comes from the (East) part of the country.
  13. The young girl had (expression) eyes and a charming smile.
  14. Tom welcomed us (heart) at the door of his house.
  15. Soon Jerry became a (success) businessman.
  16. He looked at me (suspect), but didn’t say anything.
  17. They are (courage) people and deserve admiration.
  18. You are so (help), I can’t do a thing with you.
  19. They listened to the (announce) carefully.
  20. I am not afraid of your (threaten).
  21. Her (jealous) is known to all of us.
  22. Thank you for your (suggest).
  23. The film left an (forget) impression on me.
  24. I can’t help admiring his (wise).
  25. The old man was under (suspect).
  26. My brother is a writer, just a (begin).
  27. He was sitting in a (comfort) chair.
  28. Who can tell me about the (continue) of the story?
  29. I can’t but love his (humour) stories.
  30. Don’t make friends with him. He is so (decency).
  31. Gagarin was the first (conquer) of space.
  32. His scientific (achieve) are well described.
  33. Columbus was a famous (explore).
  34. Children, listen to me (careful).
  35. (Curious) killed the cat.
  36. The man is above (suspect).
  37. Read more and you’ll (rich) your knowledge.
  38. We began to work (cheer).
  39. To my great (astonish) he didn’t move.
  40. He is known for his (greedy).
  41. I’m proud to say Jack is a (win).
  42. Mark and Oliver had enough money after the (divide) of their father’s money.
  43. Is this fruit (eat)?
  44. After the (explode) the steamer began to sink.
  45. The country is very (mountain), so traveling by road is difficult.
  46. Jim always does what he says, he is a very (rely) person.
  47. The (warm) of the fire was very pleasant after our long walk.
  48. John’s (behave) improved at his new school
  49. The government takes (popularity) measures which are necessary.
  50. I can’t help admiring his (wise).
  51. The food was (poison) and the dog died.
  52. S. Kramskoy (exhibition) his last pictures in Moscow.
  53. What is the (long) of this street?
  54. Your (hate) is pointless, I am afraid.
  55. Wait for me at the (enter), please.
  56. We shook hands (heart).
  57. I like the book. It is very (information).
  58. It’s (danger) to cross the street when the traffic is so heavy.
  59. Bob looked at a newcomer with (excite).
  60. I can’t talk to her, she is so (pleasure).
  61. Lots of children die of (starve) in Africa.
  62. The man had an ugly (appear).
  63. Put on your (wool) dress, it’s so cold.
  64. The doctor told us about our friend’s (recover).
  65. My little sister is so (communication).
  66. You are wrong, the cat is very (value).
  67. I like this (literature) work.
  68. The (settle) was small and beautiful.
  69. Stop your (interfere), I am old enough to understand everything.
  70. If I were you, I would (wide) my outlook.
  71. Yesterday Helen told me about her (agree).
  72. Thank you. It was an (forget) party.
  73. We parted (warm) like great friends.
  74. In (add) to it, he told me a lie.
  75. I appreciate your (choose), it’s good.
  76. Boy Scouts pay attention to (survive) skills.
  77. Tom knew Russian well and spoke it (free).
  78. The USA is one of the most (power) states.
  79. Mr. Tomkin’s (proud) is well known to us.
  80. If you visit our supermarket, you’ll see that the prices are (reason).
  81. (Fortune) my mother was at home.



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