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Certain questions frequently come up. So it’s worth thinking about the answers beforehand.

  1. Why did you leave your last job?

-          Try to be as honest as possible without appearing to criticize  your previous employer. If you weren’t happy or found the job boring, say that you didn’t think you could make full use of your true abilities.

-          Be as positive as possible. Emphasize any experience you think to relevant to the new job you are looking for.

  1. What exactly did you do in your last job?

-          Don’t just give the name of the job. In a few brief sentences describe the main duties and responsibilities the job involved. Offer enough information to give a clear picture of the job and then see if your interviewer has any further questions.

-          Be sure to mention any promotion or advancement you had.

  1. Why do you want to work for us?

-          This is your chance to show you’ve found something out about the firm, before the interview. Pick out something about it that interests you in particular.

-          Don’t talk only about what you hope to get from the firm. Emphasize what you can do for them, as well. Explain how what you have done in the past will be useful in the new job.

  1. Remember these things too.

-          Try to relax and be yourself. This is very important.

-          Try to get a conversation going. Don’t just answer “Yes” or “No”.

-          If you don’t understand something, say so clearly. Don’t just answer questions. Ask a few yourself!

-          At the end, thank the interviewer for seeing you.



Choose the best answer.

  1. If you are asked why you left your last job, a good answer would be

a)      They just didn’t appreciate my true abilities.

b)      I felt I could offer more than the job required.

c)      To be honest, I found the job boring.

d)     I don’t want to criticize my employers. I won’t say anything.

  1. When asked what your last job was, you should

a)      say something like “clerk” and wait for more questions;

b)      give as detailed a description as possible of exactly what you did;

c)      try to make it sound as important as you can;

d)     give a short but reasonably clear idea of what you did

3.   When you are asked why you want the new job, it is a good idea to

a)   say what you know about the firm and how you think you can help it;

b)      concentrate on the advantages of the job from your point of view;

c)   tell the interviewer how lucky they would be to get you;

d)  say nothing about the pay and the other benefits you hope to get.

4.   You are advised to

a) answer only the questions you are asked;

b) answer questions with “yes” or “ no”;

c)      show when you haven’t understood something;

d)     be reserved and formal in your behaviour.



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